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Referral Institute

Referral Institute

At the Referral Institute, we provide the training and tools to help business professionals gain financial success through relationship-based referral marketing. Our "Referrals for Life®" program is not a numbers game - it is not about spending hours making cold calls, collecting business cards, or developing a huge database of prospective customers. We don’t want you to work harder to gain new business - we want you to learn how to work smarter. With the Referrals for Life® program, business referrals do not happen by accident. They result from implementing, and then consistently monitoring, a well-organized referral marketing plan.


Have you been searching for an easier way to track your referral business?

If you are tracking, can you pull a report on a specific relationship to determine the value of the referred business they have sent to you? Can you measure the activities that produced that result? What if there was a way to measure the referral process, plan out projected referral revenue, control the flow of referred business, document activities with your contacts and even design a reward system for your referral sources?

Each week Dr. Misner shares topics of interest with hundreds of thousands of BNI members around the world. In addition to suggesting ways for members to get the most value from their BNI membership, Dr. Misner also offers insight into developing business through networking and word-of-mouth marketing.

The leaders in BNI, both directors and members, share proven referral marketing tips, tools and techniques.

Read the Networking column and listen to the video blogs offered by the Father of Modern Networking, Ivan Misner.

Here you'll find lots of referral marketing books written by the best of the best in the industry to help you build your business or chapter library.